Sweet fresh Pezzente

Traditional Lucanian cured meat with a very strong flavour, ideal for cooking, pizzas, bruschetta, pasta and barbecue. The Salumificio Don Francesco is a Slow Food presidium for the production of Pezzente della Montagna Materana. Sweet taste given by Senise pepper powder.


Lucanian pork, salt, Senise PGI pepper powder, wild fennel seeds, fresh garlic, natural pork casing.

350g vacuum packs
To be stored in the fridge between 1 and 4 degrees. Shelf life 15 days
  • Pezzente fresco dolce
  • Pezzente fresco dolce

Pezzente della Montagna Materana - Don Francesco

imageThe Pezzente della Montagna Materana of which the Salumificio Don Francesco is a typical Lucanian cured meat prepared with the less noble cuts of the pig, cut into coarse grains according to the dictates of tradition, mixed with salt, ground sweet pepper, wild mountain fennel seeds and garlic, in traditionally measured quantities.

The scent is strong due to the presence of all distinguishable spices. On the palate it is soft, with a harmonious and well-balanced taste.
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