Don Francesco - Lucanian artisan cured meats

The Don Francesco’s Artisanal Lucanian cured meats in Stigliano, Basilicata - Italy
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All products are prepared in an artisanal way according to the Lucanian tradition, in particular of Stigliano. The cured meats contain selected pork and Lucanian black pig meats, the cheeses are made with local milk and all the animals from which the meat and dairy products come are raised on pasture. The products do not contain colourants, preservatives or milk derivatives.

Don Francesco artisan cured meats

Don Francesco is an artisanal cured meat production company that is based and operates in Stigliano, a municipality in Basilicata in the Province of Matera.
In Stigliano, Don Francesco has a cured meat processing and production laboratory and a sales point, both in the center of the town. Founded in 1969, the company boasted the Don Francesco brand in 2008 to characterize its products on the market, taking maximum care of their quality and food safety.