Lucanian black pig fresh spicy sausage

Traditional Lucanian sausage also known as Lucanica, ideal for roasting on barbecues, sauces, bruschetta or as an ingredient in pizza. The semi-spicy Lucanica type sausage is a typical Lucanian product to be cooked according to the dish, handcrafted with selected Lucanian black pig meat raised on pasture. Spicy taste thanks to the Senise PGI chili pepper.

Lucanian black pork meat, salt, Senise PGI chilli pepper, wild fennel seeds, natural pork casing

350g vacuum packs
To be stored in the fridge between 1 and 4 degrees. Shelf life 15 days.
  • Salsiccia fresca piccante suino nero Lucano
  • Salsiccia fresca piccante suino nero Lucano
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